Supercomputing 2008 Articles

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Concertant will be attending Supercomputing 2008, in Austin, Texas from 17th to 20th November 2008 and will be writing a series of articles that will appear on this page. You can link to the list of articles on this page via the RSS feed above.

  • Why SC08?  (HTML, 2008-11-11)
  • Six Critical Questions  (HTML, 2008-11-16)
  • Opening Day  (HTML, 2008-11-18)
  • Roll Your Own! Reconfigurable Computing with FPGAs  (HTML, 2008-11-18)
  • Is there a Programmability Gap? Definitely.  (HTML, 2008-11-18)
  • Is OpenCL The Next API of Fashion?  (HTML, 2008-11-18)
  • follow up on yesterday's "Opening Day"  (HTML, 2008-11-19)
  • Has HPC become moribund?  (HTML, 2008-11-19)
  • The rise and rise of the GPGPUs  (HTML, 2008-11-19)
  • Tuesday  (HTML, 2008-11-19)
  • It's golf Jim, but not as we know it  (HTML, 2008-11-19)
  • Message of the day: cache sucks  (HTML, 2008-11-20)
  • The best software is yet to come?  (HTML, 2008-11-20)
  • Software: The key to high-performance computing  (HTML, 2008-11-20)
  • Supercomputing gets personal!  (HTML, 2008-11-24)
  • What about the six questions?  (HTML, 2008-11-24)
  • Supercomputing turns twenty  (HTML, 2008-11-24)