The Concertant Multicore Survey 2008

The Concertant Multicore Survey 2008 is the only current independent view of the multicore market place. It identifies major applications areas and the likely rate of change of this industry-critical area. It predicts and analyses the major changes that the global ICT market will face as it moves to adopt the new technologies. The industry has to develop new tools, techniques and applications over the next few years, or face the ensuing consequences of a slow-down in market take-up.

Product overview

Within the last few years all the major processor manufacturers have stated their commitment to multicore processors (MCPs) as the way forward. Sometimes known as Systems on a Chip, MCPs are single chips with multiple processors integrated on them. While MCPs with 2- and 4-cores are widely available, in future the number of cores will grow in a similar way to Moore's Law, doubling in number every two years or so.

Survey 2008 is the result of an extensive survey of experts in both embedded and general purpose systems from a wide range of areas including: information industries, aerospace, communications, finance, commerce, science, geophysical exploration and hardware manufacturers .

The survey confirms rapid MCP market growth over the next few years. Purchasers are already spending a large proportion of their annual budget on upgrading their systems, not only hardware but also software and applications, to run on MCPs. Some 50% have already undertaken partial upgrades to their systems within the last year. Three quarters of those surveyed say the upgrades have already improved their business efficiency and 65% say that the broad benefits of MCPs are being felt already.

The Concertant Multicore Survey 2008 provides detailed analysis of the market and its future. It looks at two time horizons: for all sectors of the market, to 2013; for hardware and related areas it looks to 2020 as well. It addresses key questions including:

  • Who is supplying MCPs and what is their market share?
  • What are the key applications areas for these new technologies?
  • Are there “killer applications” out there?
  • How will these devices be programmed?
  • Will the present dominance of the Operating Systems industry change?
  • What is the likely growth in budgetary spend on MCPs?
  • How are the hardware and software industries placed to address the rapidly evolving MCP markets?

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