Going Multicore – Ask Concertant

Now that multicore processors are the norm in netbooks, laptops, workstations and servers, software developers are having to look at all their software products to see whether they do or can harness the parallelism now available. If they already do make use of the multicore capability all well and good. Most software however assumes execution on a single processor, and amending it to work on multicore processors is not always straightforward.

Quick questions

Sometimes people and organizations have quick questions about multicore and parallel software and hardware to which we can give quick answers. The partners at Concertant are available to answer quick questions by email. So if you have a quick question on these topics you want them to answer please email goingmulticore@concertant.com or simply fill in the form below and press Send.

For more complex issues

Concertant has a wealth of experience in creating parallel systems, and evolving uniprocessor systems into parallel systems. This experience encompasses cluster-based systems as well as multicore processor systems. We are available as a consultancy for anyone with "multicore issues". If you are interested in our services, please email info@concertant.com to get discussions started.

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