Why Multicore?

Multicore processors (MCPs) have developed rapidly in recent years, and now form the foundation of a dramatic change in the architecture and design of computer systems. As a result the architecture and design of software has to change to make efficient and effective use of the new hardware structures. It has begun and will continue. With this comes new tools and techniques to really take advantage of the power that is now on tap.

All major systems providers, whether of embedded or non-embedded systems, have migrated to new, MCP-based technologies. MCP is built upon parallel programming, which increases throughput by carrying out many operations simultaneously. Whether your applications is in embedded systems, finance, aeronautics, enterprise management or local government, this is the biggest change that you are going to encounter in the next few years and it will impact the way that you develop, build and implement systems every bit as much as the original microprocessor revolution did.

As Intel puts it: "Parallelize or Die!"

Fortunately Concertant exists to help you. We are experts in the field, with many years experience in this and related fields. We can advise you and help you to understand the strategic and business implications of the multicore revolution and help your organisation achieve the potential that the technology is making available.

Concertant offers the following services:

  • Optimization of systems including parallelization.
  • Training
  • Strategic advice
  • Technical due diligence
  • Benchmarking
  • Porting
  • Reports
  • Custom support